Mantheos alternative for LinkedIn data outsourcing

Mantheos has been one of the best sources to outsource data for public and private LinkedIn profiles, but after a recent preventative action taken by LinkedIn, they are going to shut their service down soon. If you have been using Mantheos to automate some LinkedIn dataflow, then it’s time to look for an alternative and we have brought you one of the best alternatives to Mantheos.

Mantheos alternative

iScraper is an API service that allows you to access LinkedIn profiles data over an HTTP API. It is one of the fastest LinkedIn data APIs available on the internet. If your services are interrupted due to the upcoming shutting down of Mantheos, you can start using iScraper to enrich your LinkedIn data needs.

How safe is iScraper?

Mantheos is shutting down as a result of legal challenges from LinkedIn because LinkedIn reported that Mantheos has been relying on fake Sales Navigator profiles to provide its services. But iScraper doesn’t report using Sales Navigator profiles and it only feeds the data from LinkedIn profiles. That being said, it looks like iScraper will continue working in the longer run. You can check their pricing here or check their API docs here to see what they offer.

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