Scraping LinkedIn public data without getting blocked

LinkedIn Data Mining

LinkedIn is one of the hardest websites to scrape. With a pool of over 500 million professional users, LinkedIn is like a heaven for lead generation in almost all business categories. If you are going to scrape LinkedIn public data for your business but having a hard time scraping it, this post will help you.

Please beware that this post is not going to talk about scraping itself, instead I am going to mention an API service that we have built for this purpose. After a lot of failures, we have been able to bypass LinkedIn’s security challenges and now our API can get you unrestricted access to LinkedIn public data at an affordable cost.

How does the API work?

Our LinkedIn data API allows you to send HTTP POST requests and get back the data in JSON format. Here are the steps in order to get started with LinkedIn data mining at scale:

  • Create an account at
  • Add a credit or a debit card to get free trial credits
  • Explore our API docs available at
  • Try our service for free and deposit more funds as you move forward

It is that simple. You don’t need to deal with complex captchas, browser automation, maintaining and rotating residential proxies, and other nasty stuff that’s involved in scraping data from LinkedIn.

How stable and scalable is the API?

We have started small but over the last few months, we have been investing big in the API. We are hosting our API on a distributed cluster of servers and it used clean and private residential proxies. You can harvest data for million of LinkedIn profiles each month.

The data that you can scrape from LinkedIn using our API service includes the following:

  • LinkedIn personal profiles
  • LinkedIn company profiles
  • List of company employees
  • Search LinkedIn to find personal and company profiles

We have plans to add more endpoints that will get you access to LinkedIn jobs and more data. Moreover, we are considering to add a GUI that users will be able to use to extract data from LinkedIn without any programatic integration. You can find sample JSON data files at our website to see how does the data look that we return.

The data that can be scraped using our API?

As I discussed above, you can scrape both personal and company profiles from LinkedIn using our API service. Now when we talk about the fields that the data contains, then it includes the name, education history, position groups, languages, location, certifications, volunteer experience, patents and all other data that’s public on personal profiles. The API can also get the email address if the user has made it public.

For company profiles, you can get company name, HQ, CEO, website, phone number and all other public details. You can also get the list of a company’s employees using the employees endpoint.

Does this sound to be a good solution for your business needs? You can visit now and try our service to fulfil your LinkedIn data mining needs.

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