Best Google Search API to access SERP results in 2021

Google is the door to access scattered data across the internet. Almost every data science company relies on Google Search when it comes to mine and process data. I am a freelance web developer and while working on data scraping jobs through a freelancing network I noticed that companies generally don’t have access to a reliable and affordable service when it comes to scraping data from Google Search.

After several years of experience, at last, I co-founded a Google Search API called SerpsBot where we are now serving some big data science companies. We are serving several million API requests each month and I can confidently say that our service offers the most reliable Google Search API.

Why SerpsBot is unique?

There are a lot of API services out there when it comes to scraping data from Google Search. But due to a reversed-engineered solution, we are unbreakable. You can send 1000s of concurrent requests in and in fact we offer huge discounts to our large-volume customers. The response time is super fast despite the fact that we return the results in real-time and we never cache them on our servers.

Apart from the rock-solid performance, our Google Search API is the most affordable too. We will be able to offer you the best price on the market if you are going to send in a decent volume. If you are working on a project that requires you to scrape millions and billions of results from Google Search, our API is the answer.

Here are the two reasons behind the solid performance  and extremely low rates of our API service:

  • We are not doing general scraping and we have a reversed-engineered solution
  • We don’t rely on third-party proxy services, instead, we maintain a proxy network of our own

What kind of data can be scraped?

Our customers mainly scrape the organic SERP results of search queries. The results that we return include the normal Google SERPs results, featured snippet results, people also ask section, related searches, Google Image search results, Google News search results, and Google Video search results.

If you are looking to render JavaScript and want to scrape promoted (ads) results too, then we currently do not support that.

You can visit to try our API for free before you will make any commitment. I assure you that if you are looking to scrape organic search results from Google Search, then you aren’t going to find a better service than ours in terms of affordability and reliability.

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