Withdraw Money from oDesk Without Paying Any Fee

After the merger of oDesk and Elance, they have become the largest freelance marketplace on the Internet. oDesk has been the first priority of freelancers from all over the world due to the great friendly environment of the platform. If you have been working at oDesk and have earned some money, then you might need to withdraw your earnings from oDesk.

For common withdrawals, oDesk charges a small transfer fee that is $2 for withdrawal to Payoneer MasterCard. But if you own a US Bank account, then withdrawal of earnings to US based bank accounts is free from the oDesk side. If you belong to United States, then you just need to link your bank account with oDesk to withdraw your earnings there.

But what can I do if United States isn’t my home country? The answer is, still you can withdraw your oDesk earnings without paying any withdrawal fee and Payoneer has made that possible for you, except for the citizens of India and a few other countries.

So to save $2 from oDesk and a few more bucks at Payoneer’s end each time you withdraw an amount from oDesk, follow instructions written in this guide to get this trick working for you.

When your Payoneer MasterCard is approved, Payoneer provides you a virtual bank account number too and that account number is maintained in a US bank, at Bank of America at present. It doesn’t matter either your Payoneer card has been approved directly or via oDesk, you are given an account number along with a routing number. This account is linked to your MasterCard and whenever you receive money in that account, the funds are loaded to your card.

Commonly, oDesk users use the Payoneer card to receive their oDesk earnings and for that, they pay $2 per withdrawal. If you own a Payoneer MasterCard and have earned some money in oDesk, then just link your US Payment Service account with oDesk to receive the funds for free.

From oDesk side, the transfer is free and US Payment Service will charge 1% of the transferred amount. All remaining balance will be loaded to your card; otherwise Payoneer may deduct some charges too, in addition to the $2 withdrawal fee from oDesk if you use your Payoneer MasterCard directly to receive the funds.

Please note that for very big withdrawals, say withdrawals greater than $1000, the direct withdrawal to MasterCard may be a better option as via the bank transfer using Payoneer US Payment Service, you will need to pay 1% of the transferred amount and when you will withdraw $1000, transfer charges of $10 will be deducted. For card withdrawal, this fee may be slightly lower.

Payoneer Set Up with oDesk

Step 1: First of all, sign in to your Payoneer account and get the US Payment Service details. You will find your virtual bank account number and the routing number in US Payment Profile section under “Receive Payments” tab.


Step 2: Now sign in to your account on oDesk, go to account setting by clicking the “Gear” icon near top right and change the payment method.


Step 3: In payment options under “Get Paid” tab, add Direct Deposit/ACH as new payment method and click “Set Up” button in front of “Direct Deposit/ACH” option.


Step 4: In last step, you will be taken to a page once you will press “Set Up” button where you need to enter your name and other details. Enter your name, select account type as “Personal Checking“, enter routing number and account number obtained from Payoneer, accept the terms and then press “Add this Account” green button.


After providing the details, wait for a day or two till your account gets ready for withdrawals. At present, it takes 3 days before your account gets active and ready for withdrawal at oDesk. Once the bank transfer option will get active, you can now withdraw your earnings to provided account. oDesk will not charge any fee for the withdrawal and you will have your money in your virtual US Payment Service account within 2 or 3 days. Just 1% of the transferred amount will be deducted by US Payment Service and all remaining funds will be loaded to your Payoneer MasterCard.

Isn’t it cool? Yes it saves you some good money if you need to withdraw your earnings frequently from oDesk.

Don’t have a Payoneer Account? Signup at Payoneer for Free Here


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  1. AOA Brother nice sharing. I am also working on odesk since 2011 but please you sure it work. to avoide account suspended. Thanks.

    Muhammad shahzad / Reply
    • W. Salam bro, glad to know about you. Yes receiving money via this method is 100% safe and legal. Payoneer allows you to receive payments via ACH from select US companies and oDesk is in their list.

      Rehmat / (in reply to Muhammad shahzad) Reply
      • AOA . Mr. Rehmat i need a help. Actually i got couple of hundreds dollars on Paypal account. I made and Payoneer account and linked it on Paypal. Unfortunately i didn’t receive any Paypal verification transaction on payoneer. I was trying to make it by removing and again linking the bank account of payoneer on Paypal but when i removed the payoneer bank link it gets block neither i can sent money nor update my account or add bank link it’s totally block.
        Can you please help me out what to do. they want verification of address or phone call pr text message code or bla bla which i can’t give yar i live in Pakistan. Can you please help me out from this mess i’m tense.

        Thank you
        Please reply fast as soon as you can

        kamran / (in reply to Rehmat) Reply
  2. Brother I have also start blogging and my site is live now can you suggest me main topic to start. Thanks

    Muhammad shahzad / Reply
  3. Hi brother !
    I like to know how is working and how i earn money from odesk please guide ..

    Shahid Majeed / Reply
  4. I have performed the above method. But Odesk is not showing me the exact time that when would my money be deposited to my bank account. I know it would take 2-3 days but they should show me exact day of arrival just like Freelancer and Elance does. Can you tell me why it is so ?

    salman / Reply
    • Hello Salman,
      In oDesk, the withdrawal date is mentioned. But in Payoneer, the US Payment Service takes about 2 or 3 days to deposit your funds. You can find details in “Transactions” section there in your Payoneer account.

      Rehmat / (in reply to salman) Reply
  5. Hello Dear,

    When I link my payoner debit card on paypal i got following error
    Sorry, we can’t link this card. Please try linking a different card to your account.

    upon asking payoner they said issue due to cvv or billing and cvv was correct but billing address on paypal and payoner are not same

    Can you help in this regard what to do now ?

    moazzam / Reply
    • Hello bro, billing addresses on my accounts are different too but my card has got linked. Are there some $$ in your payoneer account? Secondly, does the two names match exactly? If the answer is yes, then nothing should go wrong while linking the card.

      Rehmat / (in reply to moazzam) Reply
  6. Thanks for your reply.

    I asked someone to pay me via paypal and i got $10 in my paypal then later on US payment service i withdraw $5 from my paypal to my payoner bank and now $5 is in my payoner card. Hence proved name matches no issue.

    But still issue don’t know what’s wrong. One of my friend linked his payoner with paypal with other way he first got few money in payoner from odesk and then linked and done successfully but I got money in my payoner from my payal as i mentioned above.

    I hope you got what i am saying . any help ?


    moazzam / Reply
    • Yeah I got the point. But when I first linked my card after sending funds from PayPal, it worked. I don’t know exactly what’s going wrong this time :(

      Rehmat / (in reply to moazzam) Reply
  7. Thanks for your prompt reply.

    One of my friend also linked the payoner card with paypal without any issue and he got money from his payoner from odesk and card linked to paypal later without no issue.

    I got money in my payoner bank from paypal as well . let me tell you how . After I created paypal account and confirmed my payoner bank there and was done successfully (and it also proved that there is no name conflict as your raised this point in your reply) and later i asked someone else to send me $10 on my paypal and he did from his paypal to my paypal and i withdraw $5 from there to my bank(payoner bank via us payment service) and $5 received in my payoner account and I can use them in my payoner card as well

    but now card is not being linked and payoner saying it’s due to billing address different. Can you please guide me what to do now.


    moazzam / Reply
  8. Is it possible to add 1 payoneer account to multiple oDesk accounts? And will I receive any notification email after adding Payoneer account to the oDesk account which we get after adding skrill and local bank transfer as payment method?

    John / Reply
    • Hello John, sorry to say that I can’t help you exactly in this matter. BTW you can try linking the card and yes. I’m sorry again as I haven’t linked a single Payoneer account to multiple oDesk accounts personally :(

      Rehmat / (in reply to John) Reply
  9. Can you plz guide me .if I can made payoneer account with my brother name .can I link it with my odesk account.and can my brother can withdraw money from the bank instead of me.or is there any way to withdraw payment from odeak by using my friends or relative paypal?please guide me as I don’t have bank account yet .I have dollars in my odesk account.
    Thank you in advance

    sabi / Reply
    • Hello,
      Yes you can use your brother’s card to withdraw the funds. Once the Payoneer account is approved, link its card with oDesk in payments sections and then withdraw the earnings to that card.

      Rehmat / (in reply to sabi) Reply
  10. I can use any other persons card for direct payoneer withdraw…
    Can I also use others card in this methood??

    Koushik / Reply
  11. waiting for your reaply…..

    Koushik / Reply
    • Hello Koushik, if the card hasn’t been linked before, then yes you will be able to use any other person’s card. I’m not sure 100% either it will work or not, but you can give it a try to see if it works or not.

      Rehmat / (in reply to Koushik) Reply
  12. Hello Rehmat nice article for newbies.
    i want to ask what is minimum withdraw amount from oDesk to Payoneer?

    Muhammad Nabeel Hassan / Reply
  13. I have a question related to this thread.
    I have a good amount in my MasterCard. how can i use Payoneer account to withdrawal with min fee or if possible No fee method in Pakistan.

    I have tried to use ATM but i cast 3.5% transaction amount and also atleast 5PKR cuts with each dollar and for bigger transactions i got almost ruined with my money!!!

    Need HELP!

    Affan / Reply
    • Hell Affan, may I know your city? If Samba bank is available in your area, try it. It doesn’t charge you any additional money, only Payoneer fee ($3) is deducted per withdrawal. I have heard that Faysal bank too doesn’t deduct any additional money but it isn’t confirm. I would recommend Samba bank only.

      Rehmat / (in reply to Affan) Reply
      • Thnx Rehmat for your reply I will surely try Samba bank, But the question is same if Payoneer applies 3$ and also the conversion rate deduct at least 5PKR then it is same!
        I am finding solution to direct deposit to my local bank in karachi from my MasterCard so i have PKR in my bank-account and there i can draw with out any more transaction?

        Affan / (in reply to Rehmat) Reply
        • Yes bro, same conversion rate will apply and Payoneer’s fee ($3) will be deducted too. Only local ATM charges aren’t deducted. Yes you should go for wire transfers. Payoneer provides this feature as you might be knowing already. Just add your local bank and then withdraw money to bank account directly.

          Rehmat / (in reply to Affan) Reply
  14. Hello Rehmat.. I mnew in odesk and recenly i have earn 100$ i dont know about how it withdraw ! i think i cant withdraw 1000$ ? is this true ? can i withdraw my 100$ ?

    RD / Reply
    • Hello, yes you can withdraw your $100. Go to payments section in settings and there you will have the options to withdraw your earnings. You need to set a payment method before withdrawing the earned money.

      Rehmat / (in reply to RD) Reply
  15. Thank you so much rehmat bhai! Your method is amazing, I am very grateful for this article.

    Raana / Reply

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