5 Best Internet Browsers for Your Java Mobile Phone

World has become mobilized and everyone wants to stay connected to the world wide web on the go. If you have a Java mobile phone and want to browse the Internet through it, then you must not rely on its inbuilt browser as inbuilt browsers of mobile phones have several limitations including slow fetching of data, poor compatibility with most websites, poor support for CSS and other web scripts, difficult navigation and poor support for multimedia. All these and several other limitations compel you to find a good third party browser which could allow the smooth browsing of web pages.


If you are in search of a good Internet browser for your Java mobile phone, then this list of top 5 Java browsers will complete your search. These 5 browsers are indeed the best Internet browsers ever designed for Java mobile phones. Goodness of these browsers is, they support both high-end and low-end mobile phones. So if you have a cheaper cell phone, still you can experience a brilliant web surfing by installing any of below listed browsers.

List of Top 5 Java Internet Browsers

#1 Opera Mini

Opera mobile browsers series has revolutionized the web surfing on low-end Java mobile phones by allowing a superb speedy browsing of webpages, fast downloading of media files and brilliant compatibility with CSS and other web developing scripts. The figure of more than 300 million users is enough to tell you about popularity of the browser.  By using Opera Mini, you can browse websites seamlessly and the browser will give you a brilliant surfing experience. Some features of this unbeatable Java mobile browser are listed below:

  • Powerful download manager capable of pausing and resuming downloads
  • Fast fetching of data from websites
  • Superb compatibility with CSS and other scripts
  • Changeable orientation of web pages
  • Zoom feature
  • Syncs data with PC version of the browser
  • Supports low-end phones
  • SSL support
  • Speed dials for easy and fast access of websites
  • Allows you to save pages
  • Tabbed browsing
  • and much more!!

#2 TeaShark

TeaShark is yet another feature-rich Internet browser for Java mobile phones which gives the user a PC like web surfing experience on mobile devices. The browser renders web content the way desktop browsers do. Some cool features of TeaShark, which make it one of the best Internet browsers for Java mobile phones, are listed below:

  • Fast rendering of webpages by retaining structure and quality
  • Quick and easy navigation
  • Effective zoom feature
  • Changeable orientation
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Easy bookmark management
  • Enhanced search
  • and much more!!

#3 UC Browser

UC Browser is best known for streaming videos effectively on mobile phones which has never been easy on low-end mobile devices. According to UC Browser’s website stats, there are more than 400 million users of this popular browser which stands the first among mobile users in India. Some important features of this rapidly growing mobile Internet browser are listed below.

  • Fast rendering of web pages
  • Effective streaming of mobile videos
  • Easy navigation across web pages
  • Compatibility with CSS and other scripts
  • Speed dials
  • Multiple themes and skins
  • Fast downloading of files
  • Enhanced image viewing
  • and a much more!!

#4 Jig

Jig is unique in the sense that it has an enhanced support for Flash, WLV and WMA. This feature is lacked at most other browsers. Features of Jig, which compel you to install it over your Java phone, are:

  • Enhanced support for Flash
  • Fast navigation through web pages
  • Rapid rendering of web pages
  • Multiple view modes
  • and support for different plugins

#5 One Browser

One Browser, formerly known as iBrowser, is the last browser in our list of top 5 Internet browsers for Java mobile phones. Some important features of One Browser are listed below.

  • Night-mode protects your eyes while web surfing from being harmed at night
  • Makes wireless connectivity more stable
  • Easy navigation
  • Fast fetching of content from websites
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Advanced compression of data saves money and time
  • Enhanced search
  • URL auto-completion
  • Powerful download manager and much more!!

So this was our list 5 brilliant Internet browsers for Java mobile phones. If you are Internet addicted and can’t live away from it, use any of these browsers to access the web seamlessly on the go.


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