Google is the most popular search engine that people use in order to find information on the Internet. In this era of technological evolution, data science is influencing businesses in all sectors. In order to harvest data from Google Search, where custom solutions are viable, API services are the ultimate solution.

Google is hard on scraping. Its advance technology blocks bots and scrapers immediately. If you are going to scrape a lot of data from Google Search, then you must look for an API service. In this article, I'm going to talk about 5 best API services that will let you scrape organic results and other data from Google Search without getting blocked.

#1 SerpsBot

SerpsBot's  API is the most affordable and most reliable among all services that I have tried so far. This is the only service where you get realtime results at a very affordable price.  If you are interested in just organic results, then SerpsBot is the way to go. You can make millions of API calls per day as their infrastructure is highly reliable and ready to handle very high load without any trouble.

If your aim is to make millions of daily and monthly API calls, then SerpsBot should be the most reliable and most affordable among all. You can check their pricing here.

#2 Luminati SERP API

Luminati offers one of the biggest pools of datacenter, residential, and mobile proxies and it offers a dedicated SERP API too. Their general proxy pools aren't that efficient when it comes to scrape search engine result pages, but their SERP API does the job pretty well.

The reliability is solid as well as it is affordable for high-volume use. You can browse their pricing here.

#3 Spider SERP API

Spider is yet another proxy provider that offers a huge number of proxies for web scraping and other tasks. In addition to just offering a proxy service, they are offering a dedicated service for SERP scraping too. If you are interested in just Google search results, then you can use their SERP scraping service.

You can visit their pricing page here to see either Spider is a good option for you to scrape Google search results or not.

#4 scraperapi

In our list of top 5 services to scrape Google Search in 2021 is screaperapi. They are the second most affordable and most reliable after SerpsBot and you can use their service to scrape Google Search results for very high volumes staying under budget. According to their support, Google is the prominent target among their users so you can expect that scraperapi will keep supporting Google scraping in the longer run. You can view their pricing here.

#5 Zenserp

Zenserp offers a JSON API that you can use in order to scrape Google Search results. It is a little costly but the reliability is solid there. View their packages here and see if it serves your purpose.

So this was my list of top 5 services to scrape Google Search results reliably and by staying under budget. I hope you will find these services helpful.