What Does Net 15, 30, 45 and Net 60 Basis Payment Mean

Ad networks mostly follow a payment schedule and publisher earnings are released according to a particular schedule which is specific for each network. Google AdSense, the most popular PPC network, sends the payments of publishers on net 30 basis and Infolinks has a net 45 payment schedule. There are several ad networks which release payments on net 15 and even on net 7 basis. If you are confused about the terms net 15, net 30, net 45 and net 60, then below definitions will make you understand what do these terms mean.

Net 15: Suppose you earned $100 with an ad network in the month of December and the ad network pays on net 15 basis, then you will receive your earnings of December by 15th of the January after 15 days. This payment schedule is called net 15 payment schedule. Among my tested ad networks, SkyMonetizer processes the payments on net 15 basis which is a Pay Per Install network. When a network follow net 15 schedule, it sends you the earnings within 15 days after your earnings are finalized.


Net 30: Similarly, net 30 payments are processed within 30 days after the payments are calculated and finalized. Most ad networks including Google AdSense follow net 30 payment schedule normally. If the ad network, you are working with, follows net 30 basis payment schedule, then your earnings of a particular month will be paid by the end of next month.

Net 45: Net 45 payment schedule is a lengthy and boring one and Infolinks is one of the known ad networks where payments of publishers are processed on net 45 basis. You have to wait for about one and half month after reaching the payment threshold to get paid. For example if your earnings at Infolinks touch $50, which is the minimum payout amount, by the end of December, you may need to wait till February 15th for receiving the payments.

Net 60: Net 60 basis payments take two months to be processed but luckily, I don’t work with any ad network which follows such a lengthy and boring payment schedule :) , nor I know any such ad network. If you know about or work with any ad network which follows net 60 payment schedule, don’t forget to mention it in comments.

So these were short definitions to the terms net 15, net 30, net 45 and net 60 basis payments. These schedules aren’t restricted to add networks but as I write mostly for bloggers and website owners, so I defined the terms by taking ad networks as examples. In other fields, they define the same. For example if you need to pay for a service on net 30 basis, then you have 30 days to pay the money and after 30 days, the service / company may not accept the payment or you may need to pay additional charges depending on the policy of the service.

I hope now you are clear about the terms net 15, net 30, net 45 and net 60.


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  1. Infolinks usually issues my payments after 32 or 33 days.

    Talal / Reply
  2. Two dollar click say they pays on an net 60 basis. I am waiting to receive my first payment

    Carlean / Reply
    • Then you may need to wait up to 2 months after reaching the payout limit for getting paid. I hope you will get paid soon :)

      Rehmat / (in reply to Carlean) Reply
    • Fc do u get ur payment from two dollar click? Bcz m also working on that site

      hamxa / (in reply to Carlean) Reply
    • i am waiting for my payment but they will not sending payments is it real website which pay their members

      ahsenalikhan / (in reply to Carlean) Reply
  3. I also working with 2 dollar. Is it fake or ganuine? How they cash out after reaching limit of cash out

    Rao Mohsin / Reply
    • Hello Mohsin, sorry to say that I don’t have any personal experience with this company. Any other comments may help you

      Rehmat / (in reply to Rao Mohsin) Reply
  4. Vungle is Net60… at least that’s what they say.

    Landon... / Reply
  5. I’m working with 2 Dollar also; I’ll be interested to hear if anyone has actually received significant cash from them (I understand there are some fees deducted).
    If not, I’ll let you know the results of my efforts, which will not be for several weeks yet, plus the 60 days waiting period).

    Phil Taylor / Reply
  6. I also work with 2 dollar but am sup priced to wait for another 2 months!!!! these people should be serious. If anybody has an idea plese let me know.

    hanningtone / Reply

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