Data Science is booming and it is reshaping how marketing and businesses used to exist in the past. LinkedIn is one premium source of data related to jobs, companies, and several other crucial financial industries. Although the data existing in LinkedIn databases is extremely crucial, the website has made it extremely difficult to scrape its data.

LinkedIn is known to take strict legal actions against the scraping practices. A couple of years ago, it launched a legal campaign against hiQ Labs that harvested data from LinkedIn and sold it to its customers. In the end, LinkedIn lost the case and the court declared that publicly available data can be scraped and LinkedIn cannot sue a service or a person if they gather the public data.

What does "public data" mean?

The data that can be accessed without signing into LinkedIn website is classified as "public data". For an IP or for a browser session, LinkedIn shows some limited data for individual profiles and for company profiles, but after some very limited access, it asks the visitor to sign in.

These approaches make it technically extremely hard for users to scrape the data from LinkedIn and LinkedIn is continuously investing money and efforts in protecting its data.

How to scrape LinkedIn in 2021?

To scrape data from LinkedIn, you need to use real browsers and a lot of residential proxies. Proxy providers like Luminati will offer you residential proxies and you can use browser automation tools like Selenium to programatically run browsers and get the job done.

I have been working in data mining industry for a long time and I have been automating browsers using Selenium and other tools. For LinkedIn, a lot of residential proxies are required. If you don't want to go through this hassle, you can hire me to harvest the data from LinkedIn.

I have helped a lot of companies extract the valuable data from LinkedIn. So far, my developed tools have harvested millions of individual and company profiles.

If your business needs data from LinkedIn, you can get in touch with me and I'll help you automate the data harvesting from LinkedIn through reliable means.