In this post, I'll be talking about downloading APK files of free (or paid) Android apps and games from Google Play Store to your computer directly. To automate the APK file downloading for you, I have written a Python package that you can install on your PC to get the job done.

Why do I need APK files?

Generally, Android users use Google Play Store Android app to install apps and games on their devices. But sometimes, either Google Play Store is not available in a certain region or the user fails to install their intended apps and games directly from Play Store.

In such a scenario, you need to download APK files of your target apps or the games. Once the APK file is downloaded, you can install the file on your phone directly.

How download APK file from Google Play?

To download APK files from Google Play Store to your computer, you need to have Python and PIP installed on your system. If you don't have Python and PIP installed on your system, you will have to scroll below to read how to use my online APK downloader to download files.

If Python and PIP are available, follow these steps:

  • Open terminal (on a unix system) or Power Shell (on Windows)
  • Type pip install gplaydl
  • Wait until gplaydl is installed
  • Type gplaydl configure in terminal
  • Provide your Google account's email and password

Once you complete these steps, you are now ready to start downloading APK files. If you are downloading a game and it contains additional data too, then the expansion files (in .obb extension) will be downloaded as well.

Downloading APKs

Once gplaydl is installed and configured, now it's time to download an app. Let's try downloading WhatsApp.

gplaydl download --packageId com.whatsapp

This command will download WhatsApp APK directly from Google servers. com.whatspp is the package ID of WhatsApp. You can find package ID of apps and games from their Google Play Store URLs.

If Python is not available on your system, then you can use my online APK downloader to download apps and games APKs directly to your computer.

The tiny software that I have written (gplaydl) comes with some further settings to give you more control when downloading APK files. You can browse the code and its documentation at GitHub here.

Do you have any questions? Open an issue at GitHub repository and I'll reply you back there.