Google Drive Offline Installer (.msi) Free Download

Google Drive is a free cloud storage from Google which provides you with the freedom of storing files including backups of both your offline and online content. In one of my previous tutorials, I have explained how you can use Google Drive to keep your WordPress blog’s backups. In addition, if you want to use Google Drive for keeping your offline content, then Google Drive has an application which simplifies the file transfer between your computer and Google Drive storage.

By default, the download page of Google Drive offers you an online installer which downloads the files from servers and install it on your PC. But many users face difficulties in installing the application using the online installer. Errors occur due to slower internet connections or due to any other reason. If you are also unable to install Google Drive using its default online installer, then I have come up with Google Drive’s offline installer which is an .msi package.


The download link provided below will download the standalone installer of Google Drive from its official servers. It ensures that the installation package, which you are going to download, is safe and up to date. The uniqueness of the download link provided below is that it will never get outdated. Whenever an update is available for Google Drive application, the download link is updated with latest version files, so you will always get the latest version of Google Drive.

So download Google Drive offline installer now, link it with your Google account and create a seamless connection between your computer and the free cloud storage of 15GB to make the file transfer simple. Here is the download link.

Download Google Drive Offline Installer


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