How to Create a Free Private Blog on Blogspot

Though creating a free blog on Blogger using a .blogspot custom domain is extremely easy and you can create a blog in a minute or two, but when it comes to create a private blog on Blogger by allowing only certain people to read the writing, many beginners struck. If you are one of them and want to create a private blog using Google’s free blogging platform, the Blogger, then this tutorial will answer your question “how to create a private blog on blogspot?”


Creating a Private Blog on Blogger

1. Access Blogger dashboard at and create a new blog normally

2. After creating the blog, go to your blog’s dashboard

3. At your blog’s dashboard screen, go to Settings section


4. There, you will find three options in front of “Blog Readers” option. First is “Pubic”, second is “Private – Only blog authors” and the last one is “Private – Only these readers”. To make your blog private, you need one of the later two options to be checked. If you have added some authors to your blog and want to allow only added authors to read your writing, then select the second option and save the changes made. If you want to invite your friends and family members, who aren’t authors at your blog, then select the last option and invite readers by entering email IDs.


After entering the email addresses of friends and family members or after choosing the second option, if you want to make your content available for blog authors only, save the changes made. You are all done!!

Now if you have invited friends and family members, who aren’t authors at your blog, they will receive email notifications from Blogger that they have been invited to read a private blog. They will be authorized to read your writing once they accept the invitation.

So this was a brief and simple tutorial on how to create a private blog on Blogger or how to turn a public blog into private status. I hope it helped you as the job isn’t a tough one :)


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