Review – It isn’t Scam but Complicated

A few days ago, I was searching for some data entry sites to list on my blog for my readers and stumbled upon an article at where some of the sites were listed. was one of their recommendations, so I went for it and signed up for the site to test it before recommending it to my visitors.


When I reach their site, it took me very long before the site loaded. Although I’m on a slower Internet connection, but the load time of their site was really miserable. Anyways, I signed up with them and confirmed my account and logged into

At my account dashboard, I didn’t see any jobs nor clickworker‘s system notified me to take any tests etc. to get eligible for the jobs, as oDesk and Elance do. There were just two offers. One was a simple question in which I asked to answer the question, “from where I knew about clickworker”. I answered it and in return, added EUR 0.10 in my account balance :).

Do you know what happened after my initial earning of EUR 0.10? It never crept up! :P. But don’t think that is a scam or fraud. Let me explain why my earnings stayed at EUR 0.10.


Like all other freelancing websites, has its own strategies and technology for analyzing the freelancers who signed up there in an uncountable number. Soon after you signup, you need to complete some assessments there which helps in evaluating your skills. I failed to take their assessments. To be honest, the assessments were extremely dull.

When I started an assessment, they showed me a URL and asked me to provide details about the company which was behind that URL. I managed to find company name, address (including zip code), telephone number and fax number but I picked up the wrong person as CEO. It was really boring and time consuming. So I decided to cancel the assessment.

Next, I contacted some people who were working at When I talked to them, I got replies totally diverging my expectations. They were happy with clickworker :). They told me that clickworker has given them micro jobs through which they can generate some extra income in their leisure time.

When I inquired details, they told me that like other freelancing sites, clickworker isn’t crowded much and they can find jobs easily. Additionally, clickworker provides them with micro jobs which are easy to do. According to them, working at clickworker is fun and joy!

So after a thorough research, I concluded that is worthy if you manage to complete their assessments by heart. It is a fact that in initial, it gets hard to build a recognition. You might have noticed that at oDesk, Elance and other freelancing websites, some people earn a lot and some fail to earn even a penny for several months despite of their competitive skills and they give up at the end!

But giving up doesn’t brings success and it applies for all sectors of businesses. With, you can earn good but keep passion in beginning and keep working to build recognition. Once after building a reputation, you will get to know how it is easy to earn money with clickworker :)

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” ]This brief review is my own experience with ClickWorker which I experienced in my one week’s stay with I haven’t discussed the earning potential of clickworker in this review. I appreciate Clickworker users to share their thoughts in comments that how much they earn with it[/box]


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  1. rehmat bhai Asalam-o-alaikum…same problem jobs available

    ilyas / Reply
  2. We’ll I agree with this but not 100% agree because I already finished my clickworker assessment but yet no task available for me but I don’t know if it is because my first assessment is just 79%? another how can you say that this is not a scam if you never finish your assesment and start your earnings from them?

    kengo / Reply
    • Hi Kengo, my friends are earning with them and have been paid. So I’m saying that it isn’t a scam. But I left it as my assessments were not getting completed.

      Rehmat / (in reply to kengo) Reply
  3. Hey brother Rehmat, Asalam u alikum again.. I hope you recognize me from Payoneer (Papal) article.

    Regarding the above Article last night I was doing routine internet surfing and found this earning site. Of course its not a scam nor fraud. Assessment is based on 2 parts.
    1. you already mentioned (find company details)
    2. you need to pass English test (74 easy questions).

    It is legit but now in next step its looking a little complications where I need your help.

    The below message I received while requesting for my money.

    “We must have your tax information in order to process your invoice. We can only send payment to your Pay-pal account in conjunction with valid tax information”

    Any Idea how can I bypass this Taxaion issue OR if there is any process regarding the generation of New tax number from Pakistan so please let me know.

    Further need to advise you to checkout (an Amazon Mechanical Turk) very legit but if you can put some light on its procedures as well as payment method so people can get facilitated with this legit Earning way along with high payments.

    Syed Muhammad Iftikhar / Reply
  4. Hi,I came here looking for reviews of clickworker, so thank you for this information. I’m always on the look out to increase my work at home income. In case you or anyone else was interested you might also want to check out mturk as mentioned in another comment, but also, which is another crowdsourcing platform, or Premier from mobileworks(they hire independent contractors for a set schedule and pay per hour instead of per task), and I’ve done work and been paid by each of these in a consistent manner.

    Sile / Reply
    • Hi Sile,
      Thank you for sharing your experience about other platforms. People are struggling for online work and a lot of scams are out there these days. I’ll write about these networks too, after looking around :) Thank you again for sharing your experience.

      Rehmat / (in reply to Sile) Reply
  5. I must inform others of my experience with ClickWorker.

    The story starts well: I worked occasionally on small text creation jobs for one year, and was payed for my work on time, though always earning only very small amounts (copywriting rates far, far below industry standards) and dealing with proofreaders who were often not native speakers of the target lanuage, so spending more than 1 hour on a text payed 3 euros.

    Until, one nice day, I did quite a few jobs and earned a larger amount, and noticed that my payment was late. I tried to log into my account, and a message said that it no longer existed, emailed ClickWorker several times and one week later, received a message that I had to verify my identity. I had been doing jobs for ClickWorker for an entire year, and they suddenly felt the need to verify my identity? They asked for all kinds of documents, and i still have not received my payment!

    This is absolutely scandalous, they approved my account when I registered, approved my tests, my texts were approved by the proofreader and THEY TOOK PAYMENT FOR MY WORK FROM THE CLIENT. There is no excuse for my payment to be sent late (or not at all???) when they have USED MY WORK.

    There is no basis for suspicions that my identity is false, they clearly know where I live by my IP address, and who I am by all my personal documents I have (probably should not have?) given them access to. If they have any suspicions of workers “real identity” they would do well to show a minimum of respect for their workers and PAY THEM even if they are carrying out so-called investigations!

    I have one thing to say: I have freelanced for many different companies in work-from-home jobs, including crowdsourcing, and never been asked for such personal information, and my “real identity” has never been questioned. ClickWorker’s behaviour is just so suspicious. What are they doing with our information?

    Until this incident, I would have had some positive things to say about ClickWorker, despite the very, very low rates compared to the rest of the industry. But, the moment I made more than 100 at once, my account was suddenly disactivated for some suspicious reasons, they have blocked my access to the account to take a screen shot for proof, and my PAYMENT HAS VANISHED. After the first few emails, they stopped answering entirely. After taking a peek on Facebook and Glassdoor, this is not an isolated incident… may seem like an honest company in the beginning, and it is possible to make some small amounts of money working for them, but i now believe this company has fraudulent practices. It appears that if they owe you a lot of money, they will suspend the account, find some piece of information you should have provided that is missing (there is apparently a clause in the conditions of use you sign that no one pays attention to) then accuse the worker of “fraud” for not providing his full middle name or something else and say he signed the terms and had to provide all information.

    That is what I am expecting, if they ever answer my numerous emails, based on the information I have gathered online about

    Julie B / Reply
    • Hello Julie, we are so sad to hear about that loss :( Thank you so much for sharing your experience. It will help several others in deciding either they should work for clickworker or not. Once again thank you so much for sharing in details what you experienced with them.

      Rehmat / (in reply to Julie B) Reply
    • Have you resolve your payment issue? I am having the same negative experience with them.

      GC / (in reply to Julie B) Reply
    • Hi Julie B.,
      did your story end up well in the end? Would you consider getting in touch in German authorities and mounting a complaint? At the absolute minimum I would reach the “Finanzamt” in Essen at least.
      You can pass your claims to an “Inkasso” company, too – they will take up the case for you and get the money for a portion of the amount (10-30%?).
      Say if you need help.

      yaro / (in reply to Julie B) Reply
  6. Do not work for Clickworker. I signed up about month and half ago. In about 4 weeks, I made roughly $600 doing UHRS work. On my first scheduled payday, they sent me an email saying my account has some suspicion and document of identity is required. I live with my roommate and we both signed up for Clickworker. We share the same PayPal account for Clickworker since my roommate does not have PayPal. I believe it is for that reason Clickworker decides to suspend our accounts. To verify our identity, we had emailed them our bank statements and identification cards. Our earnings was delayed and currently still had not receive anything for the work I have done. I have sent them numerous emails. Reply is slow. At this moment, I am beginning to feel I will not be paid for the dedication and time I spent the last month working.
    In order to apply for Clickworker, you must provide accurate social security numbers. I do not understand why with such confidential information, that there will be any suspicion the accounts were set up by the same person. It is just bad business ethic to withhold earnings from someone. Together with their poorly set up help support, my advice is do not work for them.
    There are other companies which offers the same crowdsource works. Appenbutler is one that is much better than Clickworker.

    GC / Reply

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