Blackmart Alpha v0.99.2.37.apk for Android Free Download

Blackmart Alpha is a great application to download games and other applications for Android phones from Android marketplace. The application lists all free available applications for Android mobile phones and you can download your desired application with a single click. At present, Blackmart Alpha is considered as the best download manager available for Android phones which is loved by millions of Android users.


Unlike Google Play, Blackmart Alpha lists free applications and you don’t need to pay for the application which you wish to download and use in your Android phone. The robust servers of Blackmart always stay up and provide you free download of millions of Android applications with extreme ease. You don’t need to search for your favorite application on Google or don’t need to invest money for downloading the files, instead, you can download apps using Blackmart Alpha for free.

Just download Blackmart Alpha .apk file, install it on your Android mobile phone and browse a huge collection of several available Android apps which are free to download and use. You can download latest version of Blackmart Alpha (v0.99.3.37.apk) from the link provided below.

Download Blackmart Alpha Latest Version

Are you facing difficulties in installing the app? Learn here how to install Blackmart Alpha on your Android device.


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  1. Wow this is an amazing app but please I will like to ask someone this question. Does this blackmart alpha app works very well on all android devices? I’ve got some thinking about this app and want to know what current users have to say about it. Rehmat did a good job sharing it here. But I want to be sure if this won’t result in numerous malware attacks. Please any current users here?

    Akinlabi / Reply
  2. i wnt to see all app

    narath / Reply
  3. It works very well and is a good app

    safan / Reply
  4. Black mart is amazing I use it please download

    Syed wajaha / Reply
  5. I hope I did that right…. Anyway ….. It’s pretty freaking awesome but I think it may have bugs … I still download it but just a warning to those of u who ain’t to smart with stuff 😮

    mess / Reply
  6. Amazing apk. Thanks black mart

    Adama hoppy / Reply
  7. free download i like it

    lito pagangpang / Reply
  8. Very very slow! Even a 20 mb app takes 1 hour to download! :-( . But not the problem of internet! I have the highest internet connecrion in my house! Other apps in playstore download very fast! 1gb in 10 min . But this is very slow pls.. reply

    sameer / Reply
    • Hi Sameer, their servers are overloaded as the app has become too popular. That’s why you get very slow speed in downloading apps via their platform.

      Rehmat / (in reply to sameer) Reply
  9. Excellent app….great job bro

    Afaq / Reply
  10. Hey I used to download without I can’t find all these apps in blackmart..

    reallynow / Reply
  11. I now there is malware in this apps,but you can download a pro antivirus from this apps.thats more helpier

    mahera / Reply
  12. OMG!
    Thanks! 5/5 Love you xD

    Sya / Reply
  13. Supper hit hi boss

    no challenge app of the app market..

    Today u get anything free……

    rafik / Reply

    pet / Reply
  15. I like it

    mehroz / Reply
  16. i dont understand how we are going to install it

    kuhg / Reply
  17. is it really true you can download free paid apps…??? plss reply…asap..

    marvinagullo / Reply
    • Yes you can, but please use this software for just a testing purpose and purchase the apps from author

      Rehmat / (in reply to marvinagullo) Reply
  18. Why not download vroot from the developer’s site?

    Mann Child / Reply
  19. Hey Rehmat Nice work to share the smart applications and best blogging tips.User can also get tips and tricks of android in this website

    Ali Khan / Reply
  20. Yes

    Saeed / Reply
  21. im new to all of this. Thank you for your help.

    allison / Reply

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