The advancements in virtualization in recent years have made it affordable for webmasters to host their websites in virtual (isolated) server environments. If you are willing to leave a shared hosting environment or if you are looking for a cheaper VPS hosting provider, this list contains top 5 VPS hosting providers for 2021.

AWS Lightsail

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is generally known for its high pricing and complexity. But it has a lesser-known product called Lightsail which offers a simple UI to manage virtual servers. The pricing starts at just $3.5 USD per month for a VM with 512MB RAM and 1 vCPU.

Amazon has launched this service to compete DigitalOcean, Linode, and other virtual server providers. Lightsail creates your VMs on basic EC2 servers thus you can expect the same uptime and reliability AWS is known for. Apart from other performance promises, Lightsail brings you 1TB of bandwidth under this price.

With Lightsail, you can create 3 free DNS zones right from the Lightsail interface. These DNS zones are served through the popular Route 53 DNS service of AWS.


Upcloud is another lesser-known yet very promising VPS provider. I have been using their servers under some very heavy workloads and this hosting provider never disappointed me. They have developed a home-grown technology of storage on top of high-performant SSDs and they call it MaxIOPs.

So far, I have migrated several client websites there and no one has complained yet. Upcloud offers VMs in several countries across the globe. The pricing starts at $5 USD per month for a VM with 1GB RAM and with 1 vCPU.

Although Upcloud is an unmanaged VPS provider like the others listed in this post, but their tech team is always available there to reply you almost instantly whenever you face any issues.

Upcloud doesn't come with a DNS management service, thus you will have to use any external DNS service. Cloudflare will work very well for DNS management of your domain even if you don't want to use it for CDN purposes.


DigitalOcean is among the largest VPS hosting providers and it is a very famous name among developers. You can get a VM at $5 that brings you 1GB of RAM and 1 vCPU.

They don't restrict bandwidth usage on VMs generally. Unless you are going to abuse their network, you shouldn't hit any snags serving a bandwidth-heavy website through their servers.

DigitalOcean offers a managed DNS service where you can add your domains to manage their DNS records for free.


Linode is one of the first VPS providers I tried and their service quality is top-notch. With the release of their new cloud management console, they have improved their website and thus now you can find it easy to create and manage virtual machines and DNS zones.

The pricing is same as DigitalOcean and Upcloud where you can create a VM at $5 per month. They offer you a shared bandwidth pool that you can share across all servers that you create. The most basic VM comes with 1TB of bandwidth.


OVH is the final hosting provider in my list of top 5 cheap unmanaged VPS hosting providers. Pricing at OVH starts around $4 USD per month for a VM with 1GB RAM and 1 vCPU.

Like Upcloud, OVH doesn't come with a managed DNS service and you will have to rely on an external service to serve your DNS.

So this was the list of top 5 unmanaged VPS providers for 2021. All these hosting providers offer the latest version of all major operating systems like Ubuntu, CentOS and others and you get full root access to manage your server.