Geo News/Geo Me Latest Biss Key 2013 on Paksat 38 Degree

geo news/geo me biss key pak sat 2013

Geo News/Geo Me Biss Key on Paksat

  Geo News’ Transmission is Currently Off on Paksat. Key Has not Changed.

If you are on Paksat 38° East you can watch Geo News on a BISS key supporting DVB receiver. As Geo News is the most famous news channel of Pakistan, which is Free to Air (FTA) on Asia Sat 105° East, so it completes your TV channel list on Paksat also if you get a BISS key supporting receiver. By the arrival of 2013, PTV network has moved its channels including PTV Sports from Asia Sat to Paksat, so a huge number of subscribers are switching from Asia Sat to Paksat now. If you are the one, and have switched from Asia Sat to Paksat, but somehow worry about losing your favorite TV channels, then don’t worry. You can watch Geo News on Paksat. The frequency details about Geo News/Geo Me are listed below. Use the details to avail the broadcasting of Pakistan’s most famous private News TV channel Geo News on Paksat.
Satellite: Paksat 38° East
Frequency: 04104
Polarity: V
Symbol Rate: 02309
Current BISS Key: 10 6C F9 00 BC 5B 4F 00

Key Last Updated: January 02, 2012

You can find details about PTV Sports frequency and latest BISS key in below link:


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  1. I am from gilgit baltistan (kuro Gulshan town) my problem is that…i want streaming geo kahani on of Geo news side plz request to geo team…

    Sajid NaJam / Reply
    • Hey Najam,
      Me too from GB :), I think Geo Kahani is on Conax and they aren’t streaming it as FTA. BTW I’ll confirm it and will let you know.

      Rehmat / (in reply to Sajid NaJam) Reply
  2. Friend agr geo paksat par chle to plz muj ko bhe bta dana

    Amjad hussian / Reply
  3. watch your channels with HD graphics

    ali raza / Reply
  4. Yar koi Marie help Karl salts ha

    tajile ashna / Reply

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