How to Flash Dead Nokia Mobile Phones with USB Data Cable

How to flash dead nokia mobile phones using usb data cable

You can flash your dead Nokia mobile phone by yourself using a USB data cable/connectivity cable. The tool, which is required to flash the phone, is Nokia’s Phoenix Service Software. Please remember that you can perform a successful flash on your phone only if its firmware has been lost or corrupted. If your phone is not turning on due to any hardware issue, then this procedure will not work for it. To flash a dead Nokia mobile phone, follow the below steps:



1. Download and install the Phoenix Service Software
2. Download the firmware of your phone. You can download it with Navifrim or can search it on the web
3. Install the firmware to the directory C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\Folder*
4. The Folder* should be created manually for the concerned firmware, if it is not created during firmware installation. If the firmware files are in form of .zip or any other compression, then extract/copy the firmware files to the specified location. For example, for keeping the firmware files of  RM-240, the location will be C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-240
5. The above mentioned location is default for Phoenix Service Software. If you have installed the Phoenix Service Software in a different location, then make sure to keep the folder with firmware files within Products folder
6. After successful installation, launch Phoenix Service Software
7. Connect your mobile phone using the USB data cable/connectivity cable of the phone
8. Select “No Connection” in Phoenix Service Software window as shown below
flash nokia mobile phones with usb data cable
  • Now click on “File” and then on “Open Product
flash nokia mobile phones with usb data cable
  • Select the product version for your phone from the list. You can find it under the battery in your phone. If you don’t know, which firmware is suitable for it, then search it on the web by model name
flash nokia mobile phones with usb data cable
  • Now click on “Flashing” and then on “Firmware Update
flash nokia mobile phones with usb data cable
  • Click on the bordered button to select variants for your phone as shown below
flash nokia mobile phones with usb data cable
  • Select the desired variant/product code for flashing with
flash nokia mobile phones with usb data cable
Note that the variants should be shown in the appeared window if the concerned firmware files are present in the correct directory within the folder with firmware name as C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\xx-xxx (xx-xxx is the firmware version. e.g: RM-240)
  • After selecting the variant/product code, check the box with “Dead phone USB flashing” and then click on “Refurbish
flash nokia mobile phones using usb connectivity cable
  • A dialogue may appear with some instructions, follow them to continue
flash dead nokia mobile phones with usb data cable
  • Wait for the flashing to complete
flash dead nokia mobile phones with usb data cable
  • Your phone will be restarted after successful flash
flash dead nokia mobile phones with usb data cable

Insructions: If your mobile phone is not detected by the Phoenix Service Software, then you may need to install the PC Suite of the phone or the flashing drivers manually.

Request Firmware (in .exe form) Here


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  1. thanx buddy, so much

    Sameer Khan / Reply
  2. Its Cool..!!!
    Thanx for that detailed explanation….

    djSaN / Reply
  3. thanx it worked O.M.G!

    jinload chama / Reply
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    shaving mirrors / Reply
  5. thank u brother great job but i have a question plz : How can i know witch languages will be in mobile before installing flash ?

    omar ch / Reply
  6. navi firm is not working what can we do for that

    Perumal Prabhu / Reply
    • Hi Perumal, if navifirm isn’t working, search for your mobile phone’s firmware in Google and download the files using any download manager or browser’s default downloader. It will work.

  7. how i can flash nokia n70 for supporting bangla language?

    sayful islam / Reply
  8. when i try to open phoneix.exe after install it, it gives the error “install a nokia dongle and then try again” even my nokia phone is connected.Plz help me

    Harshit Maheshwari / Reply
  9. How to flash samsung mobile tell me admin i m in tenc

    sudeep khatri / Reply
  10. this software is useless for asha mobiles, tell me if any other.. for asha 200.. mail me..

    Hemang Bhatt / Reply
    • Hi Hemang ..I too am trying to flash my nokia asha 200 , please let me know if you were sucessfull by any other means if not thru this article !


      vineet / (in reply to Hemang Bhatt) Reply
  11. oh thankyou so so so much …m very happy.u & other web sites helpd me so much.finaly i gt phone is working awsome. :)

    Pradipta Nayak / Reply
  12. thanks for guidance

    mirza mohtasham baig / Reply
  13. Am a learner here and am enjoying u somuch……may d lord bless u and give u more kwoledge thank u

    hackwizzy / Reply
  14. Super..Super..Super Ji.. Successfully I flash my mobile(Nokia x3-02) and now I am able to use my phone.

    Sen / Reply
  15. Thanks, its working and I am able to fix lots of my customer Nokia Cell ph on cheap price then Nokia Service. Thanks again. If we get anything to fix other cell like samsung and restthat would be great.

    ajbantawa / Reply
  16. Hi there,

    Thanks for the great thread. I am getting a USB ROM driver installation error. Is there any way to obtain the driver manually and install?

    Ludo / Reply
    • The PC Suite should install the drivers. Install concerned PC suite for your phone, it will install all connectivity drivers.

      Rehmat / (in reply to Ludo) Reply
  17. Thank you very much. You made my day!. My daughter “killed” her phone and I was able to repair it following this helpfull info. Regards.

    Giovanni Diaz / Reply
  18. Wawww. A grt task thank you vry mch for that brothr

    Aiufuntua / Reply
  19. Hey your advice to flash the mobile is very usefull i have done flashing to my mobile it is done sucssesfully

    thanks for this

    IMRAN / Reply
  20. Thanks a lot but question is that I install the phonix software and I try to flash my nokia X2 and even all phone it says no variant/product code no DP1 or DP2 available what should I do? Pls

    kamal / Reply
    • Hi Kamal,
      You need to download the firmware files for your phone first and then you need to keep the files in product directory in Phoenix installation path.

      Rehmat / (in reply to kamal) Reply
      • Same problem for nokia 3250. RM-38…. Product/RM-38/(3 Files Copyied)… stil same prob…
        Help plz

        AbdulRehman / (in reply to Rehmat) Reply
      • Hi Rehmat,

        I tried installing phoenix service software but it is giving me this error message kindly help :
        invalid path

        ratheesh / (in reply to Rehmat) Reply
        • Hello bro,
          Did you installed using administrator account? Also check and ensure that the destination is writable. i.e. on your PCs hard drive.

          Rehmat / (in reply to ratheesh) Reply
  21. Hi Rehmat ,

    wud this work for nokia asha 200 ?
    I downloaded another ver of phoenix and the product name :RM-761 was not available for my nokia ph .
    please help .

    thx ,

    Vineet / Reply
    • Hi Vineet,
      To be honest, I haven’t tried flashing any Asha series phone using Phoenix. You can give the instructions a try and see either it works or not. RM-761 is available on a lot of sources on the Internet. Just Google it.

      Rehmat / (in reply to Vineet) Reply
  22. Phoneix Software is not is saying folder not found-C-windows_downloaded installations..access is denied….what will now i have to do please help

    shyam / Reply
    • Do you have administrative rights on your account? Also ensure that your computer is free from viruses.

      Rehmat / (in reply to shyam) Reply
  23. my mobile is not dead brother i just want to repair software, some files are corrupted, so do i follow the same instructions?

    sidra / Reply
    • Uncheck the box saying “Dead phone USB flashing” and follow the on-screen instructions.

      Rehmat / (in reply to sidra) Reply
      • hmm ok thanks brother i will check :)

        Sidra / (in reply to Rehmat) Reply
        • brother when its all finish its showing one error that “Flashing Finalizing Failed, do you like to retry the finalizing?

          Firmware: cannot verify communication to phone after flashing…Make Sure that phone booted up correctly and then retry.
          What should i do now. plz plz plz help mei

          sidra / (in reply to Sidra) Reply
  24. Sir, Rehamt.
    please help me in my issue, my little brother played with my phone and made/changed the security code, now my phone is shutdown and it asks me for the security code when I turn it on.
    I`ve understood all your post’s steps but I still have one thing to say:: could phoenix DETECT!! my phone even if it`s not in the standby mode{in the security code request screen}

    I`ll appreciate it if you replied as fast as possible.

    Ali / Reply
    • Hi bro,
      You need to select “Dead Phone USB Flashing” option and then connect your phone by turning it off. Phoenix should detect it.

      Rehmat / (in reply to Ali) Reply
  25. My N73 phone has been locked accidentally. Now how can I unlock this phone by your phoenix service. Please help me brother

    Billal Hossan / Reply
  26. 1. it says no variant/product code no DP1 or DP2
    available what should I do? Pls
    2. Pls how Are we going to install the firmwares?
    3. I wanted to flash a phone that uses RM-240 and i selected it as directed on ur screanshot, i downloaded the flash files with my phone they are three in number and i copied them to the folder that i created which is RM-240 and also in pheonix folder bt wen i tried to flash d phone it says no variant/product code no DP1 or DP2
    Pls should i copy and past d three files or i should put them in a folder before copying them to d directed folder? And ppls how does those file look? How many are the files? . And at what step will i plug my phone to the usb? Pls i need this seriously thanks

    jeff / Reply
    • Hello Jeff, you need to download the Phoenix supported firmware for your phone which is in form of .exe. Just downloading mcu and other two files will not work. These files are used to flash the phone with Flashing box. For Phoenix, search the firmware in .exe package and install the package in phoenix directory.

      Rehmat / (in reply to jeff) Reply
  27. tnaks dude

    Haile / Reply
  28. try this website to download any nokia firmwares:

    SRPrasad / Reply
    • After downloading firmware from that website , Still it’s showing no product code & no variant. though i have followed all instruction.

      Mahmud Hasan Pian / (in reply to SRPrasad) Reply
    • Hi admin, i want to flash my nokia N8 please help me,i installed phoenix firmware but its not working,RM-596 but its not working nor detecting my phone connected via USB cable. Thanks

      tete / (in reply to SRPrasad) Reply
  29. Thanks man. works perfectly :)

    Arnaf Aziz / Reply
  30. assalamu alaykum brother,
    i try to flash my nokia 2690 mobile according to your given method but when i click on menu
    flashing after that firmware update after that boarder button of product code to select variants, I am getting this error
    “neither DP1.0 nor DP2.0 was found for the Product, or the Product cannot be identified.”
    what should i do. please help i am in trouble.
    Jazakallahu khairan.

    abu zakwan / Reply
    • Hello bro, you need to download the firmware package. Just MCU, PPM files will not let you do the flash with Phoenix

      Rehmat / (in reply to abu zakwan) Reply
  31. I did install the Phoenix, and past the firmware on the directory, but I can’t find RM-834 which is for Nokia asha 202 in file_open product.

    the fault on the phone is when I press power button the light and Nokia show up and it trip off. press again same result

    Ben / Reply
  32. how can i flash n97 mini,without losing data! i just need the data files on my phone. the phone is dead!! pls hellp me!! thank you !!

    costel / Reply
  33. can you help me please with the nokia N8 error with the “massive memory E:” that say “memory in use” … i have try everything, and the pc just dont read it … is there any way you know to make it work again ?

    luis / Reply
  34. Nokia

    repon kumar / Reply
  35. i cant open any application on my nokia asha 201,i reset the phone but still i non of the applications respond.cant access any games,internet browser i also need to flash my cell phone?? if yes how should i flash it?

    true / Reply
  36. salam brother.. mera ek blog hai mai usay google adsense py affilliate krwana chahta ho.. kya requirments hain,..? kindly guide.+923366774359

    Muahmmad Ali ajmmil / Reply
    • W. Salam bro, AdSense friendly blogs should contain these features:
      1. They should contain meaningful content
      2. They should not contain copyrighted or any adult content
      3. A good amount of organic visitors (from search) should visit the blog / website on regular basis
      4. Your blog / site must have a good structure
      5. Your site must be 6 months old (new requirement)
      and many more requirements are there. You can read details at this link:

      Rehmat / (in reply to Muahmmad Ali ajmmil) Reply
  37. Hi Bro,

    I have found some firmwares available to download on your site. I am looking to flash My N73 with Phoenix. I have downloaded the software, but as you mentioned the firmware must in the format of .exe file. I have searched lot on the net but I couldn’t find anyone which having .exe extension. So, can you please kindly give me a link or the file to download “Nokia N73 RM-133 Frimware” ?

    Please give the link, I am searching it for too long. I will be really thankful to you if you can get me the file.

    HarishST / Reply
    • I’ve provided the link in another comment bro. BTW its here again:

      Rehmat / (in reply to HarishST) Reply
  38. Thank you So Much For that Bro.
    But I Have One More Question.

    This .exe Format file is about 125 MB of Size. And Other Format have only 40-50Mb of Size. Why This large deviation? Is this becuase of .exe format? And I also seen that other .exe format firmware of RM-133 is only about 85 MB. Is this because the 125 MB file is later one/updated one? Sorry, If I confused you, I just want to clear out this doubt. Thanks a lot again for that file and I will try to flash my N73 And will reply you. :)

    HarishST / Reply
    • Hello Harish, welcome back. In .exe format, more information is stored as its needed for Phoenix to flash your phone. If two .exe files are varying in size, then yes, there should be a difference in versions as well as one with bigger size may support more languages. I hope it clarifies.

      Rehmat / (in reply to HarishST) Reply
      • Thanks Again. Yes, it clarified my doubts.

        Apart from Nokia, How we can flash other mobiles especially “China Handsets” does it require a box. If yes, which is the best box and best flashing software to flash China Mobiles?
        Thank you for your reply! :)

        HarishST / (in reply to Rehmat) Reply
        • I guess they can’t be flashed with USB cable. Yes they require a box. For flashing China handsets, Turbo Flasher has some good reviews.

          Rehmat / (in reply to HarishST) Reply
          • Thanks!

            I will Check Whether it will work or not! :)

            HarishST / (in reply to Rehmat)
  39. mast

    lala / Reply
  40. I need a nokia best sorftware and I want to learn how to flash phone with my laptop? I need ur reply

    Emmanuel / Reply
    • Hello Emmanuel, which type of phones do you want to flash? Older ones or new brands?

      Rehmat / (in reply to Emmanuel) Reply

        ABDURREHMAN / (in reply to Rehmat) Reply
  41. SIR mere pas nokia XL hai jes ka software puri trha sa dead hogya hia mobile on taak nai ho raha plz batao is ka software waps lane k liye kya karna hoga kwi b tarika kaam nai arha

    AZHAR / Reply
  42. very informative sharing thanx

    Bilal / Reply
  43. Nice tips about flashing. Thanks for sharing. I would like to visit again your website.

    Robin Hood / Reply
  44. hi
    i tried to flash my nokia C5-03 but after following the instructions its giving me this error message, “The flashing failed. Do you want to retry the flashing?

    HRESULT 0x8401f141 (-2080247487)

    Flash: Boot rom was not detected after phone boot up. Unable to start flashing. “.

    What do i need to do now.

    Paidamoyo Chuma / Reply
  45. sallam yar mai ne apna nokiac503 [psuait zaye update krne ki koshish ki te lakin beach ma mai ne mobile se beatry nikal li ab phon daid ha koi tareeqa ha s ko sahe karni ka sms b kar sakte hai 03005826227

    shafi / Reply
  46. Hi Bro,
    I am back again :)
    As you have mentioned in the post, I have followed all your procedure to flash my N73. When I click “Refurbish”, as usual the dialogue box comes with procedures:
    1. Disconnect the cable
    2. Remove the battery and etc…

    The problem is The Software can’t detect my Phone.
    The Mobile is connected to the PC for Sure because the PC Shows “USB is not recognized” balloon. I have installed all USB cable drivers too… But Still Windows Shows “USB Not Recognised”. :(
    And also I have heard that Nokia N73 Can’t Flash With USB Cable If It Was Dead.
    What To Do? I Hope You Will Reply Me As Like before and led me to flash my N73.
    Thanks ! Please Reply!

    HarishST / Reply
    • Hello bro, welcome back :) I have not flashed a N73 with USB cable but it should work. Try with another cable and see if works for you. Sometimes the USB cables create issues. If you are doing all other things correctly, then there must be a problem with the USB cable you are using right now. And sorry for replying late :( I was a little busy for a few days, so I’m moderating comments now.

      Rehmat / (in reply to HarishST) Reply
  47. when i try to install firmware it shows error message because of device driver failure

    pleasw help me, i’m stuck

    nihad / Reply
  48. HRESULT 0x8401f141 (-2080247487)

    Flash: Boot rom was not detected after phone boot up. Unable to start flashing.
    any solution

    fahad / Reply
  49. Please Nokia asha 201 is not in the list

    Alba / Reply
  50. it worked…
    thanks alot… #muah

    oge / Reply
  51. After downloading the firmware in exe format , do I copy it to the product folder or run it?

    isaac / Reply
    • You need to run and install it.

      Rehmat / (in reply to isaac) Reply
      • vi ..
        can i flash nokia x2 01 with phoenix … nokia version is v8.63 rm-709…now i want to update it to rm-709 version 8.75….what should i do…. THANKS in returns…………..

        Arifin / (in reply to Rehmat) Reply
  52. am trying to flash x2. flashing processing failing to finalise. I’m gettin this error-
    flashing finalization failed. do you like to retry finalizing?
    HRESULT 0×8421001f [-2078212065]
    firmware failed to switch phone to correct mode for factorysettings using USB.
    when I click retry the same error appears.
    help me out bro

    Fred / Reply
  53. bai ap mujy skype per cotact karen…..g.one536

    fahim khan / Reply
  54. Can we Install Android to Lumia 535 using this?

    Affa / Reply
  55. I’m not sure if there something im doing wrong but every time i reinstall my battery during the dead-flashing, the phoenix software hangs and i get a BSOD. some error “KERNEL_VERIFICATION_FAILED.
    Hopefully its not too late to get an early response.

    brase / Reply
  56. my phone doesn’t switch on it only appears nokia on the screen and i’m trying to flash it using Nsspro and phoenix but it still the same.
    please help i’m desperate …

    Mnauel / Reply

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