PTV Sports and Other TV Channels of PTV Network Moved to Pak Sat-New Frequency

ptv network channels moved to pak sat 38

PTV Sports Moved to PAK SAT

Pakistan Television Network has moved PTV Sports and other channels of the network from Asia Sat to PAK Sat 38° East. The channels moved on January 1st, 2013. If you wish to watch PTV channels, you can switch to PAK Sat 38° East. PTV Sports will still broadcast the live cricket matches on Pak Sat. You can access the signals of PTV network on Pak Sat 38° East with the following frequency details:

Satellite: Pak Sat 38° East 


New Frequency: 4004


Polarization: V


Symbol Rate: 3333

New Biss Key: 71 D3 A9 AA C7 F6 1E AA


BISS key of PTV Sports is updated on the link PTV Sports Latest BISS key. You can find the latest BISS key on the above link as we may unable to update the key regularly on this page. Thank you!


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